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Let's go over some common issues plaguing dishwashing machines that occur in instances where the unit fails to fill properly.

For this overview, we recommend you have a multimeter on-hand if you plan to diagnose the problem yourself. If you do not own one, the cost of buying the device can run around the fee for a dishwasher repair service call.

Use your own judgment, but simply leaving the diagnosis to a professional (even if you don't get a repair) might be more financially sensible. Many DIYers will attempt to repair their dishwashers and either make a mistake installing the replacement part or simply replace the wrong part which can be a serious waste of money.

Anyhow, below are some common fill issues in dishwashers and how to check for them.

The supply hose could be clogged or tangled up. If water is unable to effectively flow through the hose the machine will be unable to fill up enough. It's possible that the obstruction or restriction causes the machine to not get any water at all. In the case of limited or no water supply, a limitation at the supply hose level is an easy to identify problem and a super quick fix.

An issue with getting water into your appliance could also come from your water source. Take off the inlet hose and put it into a pot or bucket. Attempt to fill the dishwasher and see if water comes out of the hose. If not, the water supply source is the problem.

Next, use your multimeter to check the solenoid valve. Your continuity reading should display 2,000 to 5,000 ohms. Get a new solenoid valve for your dishwasher if you pick up a reading below or above this range.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you finding a little pool of water in your dishwasher after a load finishes? If so, it's possible that the culprit is a clogged sink. To fix this problem, a sink cleaning product or drain snake could easily fix the problem. Further, if you have a garbage disposal installed in your sink drain it should be ran before running your dishwasher. But, ultimately, if a sink clog is not to blame - the cause for your dishwasher leaking troubles is likely a clog in the drain pump or drain hose.


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