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Your oven must have real control over its internal temperature.

As some meals can be fatal if not fully cooked, it's undeniably important to undergo an oven repair if your appliance has heat regulation issues.

The most obvious reason for heat regulation issues would be a shorted or broken heating element. Most ovens rely on the bake or broil element (or both) to cook a meal. Set your stove to broil and see if the top heating element lights up. Set your stove to bake and see if the bottom heating element heats up. Replace either element if it fails to produce heat.

If the oven suffers from temperature regulation issues while in bake mode, the next possible cause would be a faulty igniter. However, this oven part would only be a potential culprit if you own a gas oven. For electric ovens, some other possible parts that might need to be fixed or replaced include the temperature sensor, control board and convection motor (for convection ovens).

A defective temperature sensor is definitely a common cause of such an issue. To test, check for continuity with a multimeter but make sure the ohm readings match up with what they should be as per the owner's manual. The appropriate reading will vary depending on the temperature the oven is at so it's important to consult the manual here.

The control board is like the computer, which reads the information given by the temperature sensor to decide what to tell the stove to do. Any miscommunication between the sensor and control board can cause a temperature imbalance.

Before calling an oven repair professional, try calibrating your oven's temperature (most stoves let you go up/down by ~35 degrees) to see if that helps.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

What are the possible causes of a gas oven failing to run its self-cleaning cycle? This problem isn't ultra common but it can happen if certain parts are defective. In most cases, the door lock motor or assembly will be at fault. A simple replacement will relieve the issue and get the oven working properly again. If that's not the faulty part, the control board is the next likely culprit. This board serves as a computer that tells the oven what to do. If it's faulty, the self-cleaning mode won't be properly triggered.


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