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Let's talk about the lights on your stove for a minute.

Many issues might arise involving indicator lights that simply don't work right, or it all. A hot stovetop indicator light can certainly malfunction.

First off, you might notice that the indicator light does not come on - regardless of how hot the burner gets. Alternatively, it might flicker or work sporadically but not always when it should. Or, the light might stay on all the time or for an extended period after the hot cooktop triggers the light. In almost all instances the issue is a faulty switch which is a cheap and easy replacement. But, what other issues could occur involving indicator lights on your stove?

On many models you will also find a burner indicator light for each burner. The switch can become defective, causing malfunctions, or stop working altogether. Another simple replacement of course. However, you must also consider that a problem with an indicator light could be caused by a deeper issue such as a problem with the oven's computer or circuit board.

Some stoves also have an indicator light that tells you when the inside of the oven is hot. If it's not working, chances are it's switch just needs replaced.

If the lights on your LED display are not working, there's a good chance it's because of a circuit board or computer problem which can be a pricey repair. This type of problem should definitely be looked over by a qualified appliance repair professional. If you do need such a repair, it might be worth comparing the cost of the parts and labor versus replacing the unit as new. You might even recuperate a little bit by selling the defective unit in its current condition through a local classifieds service.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Without a doubt, stainless steel appliances are visually appealing. The problem with them is that they don't stay clean very well - especially if you have kids at home. You need the right cleaning solution to get rid of the fingerprints and hard water spots. Specialty stainless steel disinfectant wipes and polish are available at many large department stores. Make sure to avoid using Lysol or any similar all-purpose disinfectant wipe, though, as it can damage the stainless steel on your appliances. Also, if you use a liquid solution, make sure the cloth you use is non-abrasive.


Rapid Appliance Repair of Stockton

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