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Is your refrigerator failing to properly stay cool but the freezer runs super cold?

Check internally for an accumulation of ice, which you can easily defrost by hand with a hairdryer. The issue will likely continue, but the damage to the impacted part(s) will be minimized while you wait to get your refrigerator repair done.

To try and diagnose, figure out first of all if it's the fan - does it run when the door switch is pushed in and the compressor is operational? If not, the fan is the main culprit. If the fan is not to blame, most often it will be the timer instead. Some other possible faulty parts, but not as likely, include the bimetal thermostat and heater.

What would a refrigerator repair like this cost? Of course, the specific parts to blame will have a big impact on the overall bill. A bimetal thermostat is just a few bucks but a heater can get a little more expensive. A door switch is pretty cheap, but a problematic compressor can be pricey as well. Even so, the cost of these refrigerator parts plus repair labor is not a significantly greater cost than a simple diagnostics appointment.

Barring a surprising issue (like a control board that needs replaced), chances are it will be financially worthwhile to follow through with your refrigerator repair. Further, at least if you book your repair with us, your troubleshooting fee will be waived when you get billed for any repair job.

Take the time to see if your fridge's issue is the result of something as simple as frost or ice buildup. If not, next you should make the call to an expert refrigerator repair company. Don't tackle the repair yourself as it could just make matters worse!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Buying a new refrigerator? Many factors come to mind, but many consumers underrate replacement part costs. Simply put, the price for replacement parts is controlled by the manufacturers. Some appliance brands known for being more affordable to repair (due to cheaper replacement parts) include GE and Whirlpool. These two household names hold a lion's share in the kitchen appliance industry and, subsequently, have affordable replacement parts. The more expensive refrigerator makes to repair are generally lesser known, foreign models or luxury-focused brands. For best results, look up common parts to check replacement costs when comparing particular fridge models.


Rapid Appliance Repair of Stockton

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