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Are you looking to make your dryer operate more efficiently?

Follow the practices listed below and you'll be able to better maintain your appliance. As a result, you will be more likely to avoid needing a dryer repair in the foreseeable future. Remember, the life expectancy of these machines is easily 14 years : but that's when you apply the standard maintenance expectations outlined in the owner's manual.

First off, make sure your vent pipe is the appropriate size. Using one that's too long will result in a lower efficiency usage of your dryer. The pipe should be the size instructed in your owner's manual. Also, when installing, you need to make sure not to physically damage (bend, tangle, etc.) the material.

Next, make sure the lint trap is kept clean all the time. Get into the habit to clean it out every time you start a new load. It's easy to forget when a load finishes and the machine and trap will usually be hot at that time. However, by cleaning out the lint trap before every load you will almost certainly never forget and accidentally let lint buildup. Remember, not everything stays in the trap so the more clogged it is - the greater the chance some dirt and debris escapes.

Further, while it sounds like common sense, make sure you are not putting too much stuff in your dryer. Overloading it will cause extra stress on the bearings, motor and countless other internal parts. Your drying time will also increase by stuffing the dryer so it's not really giving you any advantage at all. Fill what's appropriate for your dryer and don't try to compact clothes to fit more in one load.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Have you noticed your dryer is heating to too high of a temperature lately? If so, you will likely check the ventilation system first to see if dirt or debris is clogging it up. Barring that as the reason for your overheating problems, what else could be to blame? The most likely issue is a shorted heating element, but some other possible causes include a damaged blower wheel, malfunctioning cycling thermostat and a break or tear in the felt drum seal. Some potentially faulty parts can only be tested with a multimeter.


Rapid Appliance Repair of Stockton

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