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What makes a freezer stop working and produce a clicking noise?

An appliance repair technician will typically check the start relay first. This part sends power to your freezer's compressor. If the relay is defective the freezer will work intermittently or not at all. The best way to troubleshoot a failing start relay in a freezer is to check for continuity. If none, or if a burnt odor is noticed, the relay will need to be replaced.

Another possible cause is a malfunction of the compressor. This part is responsible for compressing and delivering refrigerant to evaporator and condenser coils. If you check for continuity with a multimeter on the compressor pins, you want a closed circuit reading. Otherwise, the compressor will need to be replaced to get your freezer working properly again.

What if your freezer is making a whirring sound?

Loud, constant noise (other than clicking sounds) could possibly be because of a clogged fan causing the machine to work harder than it should. The compressor could also still be at fault, especially if the constant noise is a buzzing sound. The part might not be ready to fail but could be near the end of its life cycle.

Freezer parts are pretty inexpensive which makes a freezer repair a financially worthwhile investment. Most appliance repairs are hit and miss for cost-effectiveness. However, we do recommend that you repair your freezer if it's not more than seven or eight years old. Once the new part is put in place of the old one, the machine should run like new for a long time.

We recommend you contact a freezer repair professional to diagnose your appliance troubles. An expert will be able to troubleshoot the issue and replace the defective part(s) in just a few short hours.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Sometimes a freezer will stop freezing its contents. This issue is often the result of a lack of proper maintenance. You can check your condenser coils to see if dirt and debris is covering them. It's possible for the freezer to stop maintaining a freezing level temperature if there's too much dirt on the coils. As you would guess, simply cleaning them will fix this problem. If it does not rectify the issue, the next two things to check for include a defect in the start relay and evaporator fan motor.


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